Catch Me If You Dare
Author: L. D. Alan
Paperback 210 pages
ISBN: 978-0981977027
Price: $12.95    

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About the Author

L.D. Alan retired as a police Sergeant in 2000 after a twenty-six year career in law enforcement. The author lives in the Southwest, USA and enjoys writing and spending time with family and friends. The author is currently writing the 3rd book in the Rainey Walker Series, The Last Victim. The author also writes True Cop Stories. The short stories are about incidents that happened during her career as a law enforcement officer for a small town police department and for a twenty+ years career working for a state highway patrol.

Book Description

The elusive Scarf Killer has struck three times. Post-it notes '3 of 10', '4 of 10' and '5 of 10' have been found on the bodies of murdered and mutilated Muslim women.

Phoenix PD task force cannot find a motive, or the first two victims. The killer leaves little evidence for forensics. The investigation is further hampered by the distrust of the Muslim community. With five more murders threatened, the PPD requests help from the FBI. The FBI sends Rainey Walker, their anthropology consultant and nationally recognized police sketch artist. Rainey travels to her hometown believing she is taking a vacation to reconsider a pending resignation. Three months earlier she was stalked by the Friday Stalker serial killer and was shot before returning fire and killing him.

Arriving in Phoenix, she learns she is on assignment and the PPD expects her to be their communication link with local Muslims, many of whom are childhood friends.

An enigmatic US Army Captain contacts Rainey demanding she share information obtained from Muslim community leaders, while refusing to share information he knows about the first two Scarf Killer victims.

The investigation explodes into an international multi-jurisdictional turf battle. Pressure mounts with the investigation stymied in a climate of distrust and political maneuverings.

After receiving the killer's blood smeared message, "Catch me if you dare", Rainey knows time is running out for the next victim.