Author: L. D. Alan
Paperback 220 pages
ISBN: 978-0981977058
Price: $12.95

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About the Author

L.D. Alan retired as a police Sergeant in 2000 after a twenty-six year career in law enforcement. The author lives in the Southwest, USA and enjoys writing and spending time with family and friends. The author is currently writing the 3rd book in the Rainey Walker Series, The Last Victim. The author also writes True Cop Stories. The short stories are about incidents that happened during her career as a law enforcement officer for a small town police department and for a twenty+ years career working for a state highway patrol.

Book Description

"Catch me if you dare." The taunting note of the SK serial killer still haunts ex FBI Agent Rainey Walker a year later.

She tries to put the case and loss of her home and best friend behind her, but knows the fear plaguing her nightmares will be with her as long as the danger of SK resurfacing exists.

She is not surprised when retired Army investigator Jonah Daniels barges back into her life. Rainey despises Jonah and blames him for bungling the Arizona investigation and causing SK's escape.

Jonah claims SK is active again, this time in Los Angeles. He tells Rainey the LAPD task force has discounted his warnings and believes the serial killer operating in LA is a copycat and the task force is busy chasing a phantom.

Agreeing to go to LA and help Jonah and his Echo team, Rainey is determined that this time the deadly serial killer will be stopped once and for all.