Halal Food, Fun and Laughter
Author Name: Linda D. Delgado
Paperback 144 Pages
ISBN 0-9767861-1-7
Price: $12.95



Award Winning Author Linda D. Delgado

Linda was the original owner-publisher of Muslim Writers Publishing and is the founder of the non-profit and tax exempt Islamic Writers Alliance, Inc.

Book Description

Now I have never been a gourmet cook, but I have always been a gourmet eater! In the Spring of 2002 I began gathering recipes from my sister-friends from around the world. Their seventy- eight recipes including a few of my own are offered in this cookbook for your dining pleasure.

I selected five main categories for placing the recipes in a sorta logical grouping. Placement in each category was at random. I haven't any preference for one recipe over another as I love each of them! The addition of some fun and laughter while cooking comes in the form of eleven original fun-food short-short stories and poems and 6 comic illustrations created by talented illustrator, Shirley Anjum. These were placed at random in the cookbook, but with a purpose. They are the cookbook's "little jewels" among the treasure trove of recipes.

Halal Food, Fun and Laughter combines a winning "recipe" for a healthy lifestyle: good halal food, some fun and laughter and last but most importantly, remembrances of Allah, by inclusion of some wonderful food specific Qur'an and Hadith to help create a happier and healthier recipe for your life.