Islamic Rose Series

The Islamic Rose Series, authored by Linda D. Delgado, is a five-book series concentrating on the activities and life of Rose, revealing her experiences as she is introduced to Islam through some visitors that have come to live with her family from overseas.

The Visitors, the first of this five-book series, begins with the visitors who have come to be a part of the family temporarily, and exhibits Rose's first experiences with Islam.

Hijab-Ez Friends develops as Rose's circle of friends at school grows to include girls of her age of different backgrounds. They form their lovely group, the Hijab-Ez Friends. To learn why they have named their group as such, you will need to read the book!

Stories is a continuation of the growing friendship the girls have, and showcases their wonderful story-telling talents.

Saying Goodbye carries with it even more lessons for Rose and her friends, and for all of us following along, some lessons which could prove helpful to us in our own lives

After the passage of some time and the separation of the girls from one another, they are reunited once again in the lovely culmination, Reunion.

There are Teacher Study Guides to accompany The Visitors and Stories, which are excellent classroom tools to help guide your students along as they read through the series. Excellent classroom assignments as well as extracirricular, and a nice family activity to read and review together.

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