Mac McGooshie



Mac McGooshie is the pen name of Debora McNichol, wife, mother and author of the new Lulubug's Week in the Life series. Mac's background is in legal, restaurants and all things written. She has lived in many places in her life, but considers her transplanted self at home among the red dirt farms of Southern Virginia and North Carolina's Piedmont. She is thrilled and grateful to Allah to be able to bring a glimpse of the charm of the not-too-far South and the richness of the diverse ethnicities, religions and personalities that the United States and the world have to offer.

Among Mac's favorite things are her daughter and husband, the Quran, coffee on the porch, cloudy winter days, education, Kiki the pussycat and her husband's amazing cooking. Among her modest aspirations for the not-too-distant future are to make the pilgrimage to Mecca and to save the world, insha Allah.

Lulu and the Very Big Meanies is the culmination in print form of the Lulubug's Week in the Life series.