Power Poetry for Wide Awake Youth
Habibullah Saleem
84 Pages
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Book Description

Habibullah's goal is to reach the at risk youth of today in our urban schools with a message of hope and provide them the inspiration they need to help them succeed. Our young future leaders. must have information to guide and inspire them as they accept the responsibility of freedom, justice and equality. Power Poetry For Wide Awake Youth is a collection of life relevant poems that speak in a language our youth and teens understand. The fast-paced and rap-type rhythm of the poems covering teen relevant topics make the poetry fun as well as educational.

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  • About the Author

    Habibullah Saleem lives in Newark, New Jersey. He earned a degree in physical education from Benedict College in South Carolina. He has been a professional educational consultant for the past forty years and is currently a motivational speaker in elementary and middle schools. Habibullah teaches children math and phonics through poetry, theater, sports metaphors, crayon metaphors, word plays, songs, rhymes, and rhythm. His Creative Reaching, Teaching and Learning (CRTL) methodology and techniques have a proven track record of successful intervention for children at risk in public schools. His new book, Power Poetry For Wide Awake Youth is the kind of poetry students will not hesitate to read over and over again, with an excitement surprising to parents and educators alike. Habibullah self-published his first book, Dead Teachers Should Not Be Allowed to Teach Live Students.