Author Name: Linda D. Delgado
ISBN: 978-0-9819770-8-9
Price: $12.95
184 pages
Reading Level: Youth/Adult/Family

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Award Winning Author Linda D. Delgado

Linda was the original owner-publisher of Muslim Writers Publishing and is the founder of the non-profit and tax exempt Islamic Writers Alliance, Inc.

Book Description

Seventh grade year ended and Rose was resigned to another boring summer missing her Hijab Ez Friends until she met Aunt Zarinah's fourteen year old niece Keysha and her younger brother Sammie. It took about three seconds for Rose to invite Keysha to become a new Hijab Ez even if Keysha said her membership in the friendship group might be only temporary.

Sammie had a chip on his shoulder, was suffering from an identity crisis, and he used his genius IQ to get himself into all kinds of Big Trouble. Keysha told Rose she needed to find a way to help her brother. Rose couldn't wait to get on the Internet and email her Hijab Ez Friends so they could cook up a Sammie PLAN.

Rose's happiness when she learned that some of her Hijab Ez Friends were moving back to her hometown was overshadowed by the loss of contact with her best friend, Camelia, and by a sudden crisis in her own family. It seemed as if Rose's longing for a reunion with Grandma and all her Hijab Ez Friends was not going to happen after all.