Paperback 5.5 x 8.5
ISBN 978-0-9793577-6-3
416 Pages
Price: $17.95
Reading level: Older Teen/Adult


Book Description

Isaiah, Kyle, and Jennifer. As children, the three cousins laughed together, played pranks, and generally caused chaos within the family. Now, as they approach adulthood, each faces a special challenge.

Isaiah's father, Chris, has dreams for his first-born son, anticipating that he will travel the world to "spread the word of God." Isaiah has dreams of his own-of history and anthropology-and he refuses to give into his father's demands. Their unspoken conflict erupts into a bitter war of faith and will.

The car accident changed everything. Kyle, Brad's oldest son, was once a star athlete, popular and self-assured. Now he is disabled and alone. He struggles for acceptance and the opportunity to prove himself. Through his own determination and the encouragement of a special friend, Kyle strives for another chance at life.

Jennifer, Joshua's daughter, is a new mother who has built her life around her Pakistani husband and their infant son. When cultural clashes in her marriage present special difficulties, Jennifer is challenged to make her own way in the world. Eventually she accomplishes what she once thought was impossible.

In Ripples, the fourth book of the Echoes Series, these three children of Brad, Chris, and Joshua learn how to overcome obstacles and endure hardships in the transition from youth to adulthood.

About the Author

Jamilah Kolocotronis earned her Ph.D. in Social Science Education. She developed a multicultural social studies curriculum and taught social studies at the middle and high school levels for twelve years. She has also lived and traveled in Southeast Asia. Since 1982, she has been busy raising and guiding her sons.

Her published books include Islamic Jihad, Innocent People, and the first three books of the Echoes Series-Echoes, Rebounding and Turbulence.

Visit Jamilah's website at Jamilah lives in Lexington, Kentucky.