Saying Goodbye
Author Name: Linda D. Delgado
Paperback 156 Pages
ISBN 0-9767861-8-4
Price: $10.95
Reading Level: 9 years and up and adult/family


Award Winning Author Linda D. Delgado

Linda was the original owner-publisher of Muslim Writers Publishing and is the founder of the non-profit and tax exempt Islamic Writers Alliance, Inc.

Book Description

Saying Goodbye is often more than the wave of a hand, a cheery "See you tomorrow," or an As Salaam'Alaykum. Sometimes these everyday words and gestures are taken for granted. Rose is about to learn there are many reasons for saying goodbye.

As the school year ends, a kaleidoscope of unexpected events throws Rose into a tailspin! The Hijab-Ez Summer Plan is wrecked and the Hijab-Ez must cope with a loss. Tragedy strikes and Rose must say a forever-kind-of-goodbye. Fahd consoles Rose and gives her hope when he says, "Allah willing, you will get something better to replace what you have lost." Fahd is right!

Rose needs courage and hope to overcome her sadness when saying goodbye to Fahd and Abdul who are going home to Saudi Arabia. Rose struggles to find a way to be brave. Just when Rose thinks nothing else could possibly happen to change her life, Grandma reveals her secret to the whole family and saying goodbye takes on a whole new meaning for Rose.