Author Name: Linda D. Delgado
Paperback 144 Pages
ISBN 0-9767861-7-6
Price: $10.95
Reading Level: 9 years and up and adult/family


Award Winning Author Linda D. Delgado

Linda was the original owner-publisher of Muslim Writers Publishing and is the founder of the non-profit and tax exempt Islamic Writers Alliance, Inc.

Book Description

Stories is a treasure chest of wonderful stories about Islam and the lives of Rose, her family members and Hijab-Ez friends.

Readers join Rose and the Hijab-Ez as they delight in stories Fahd and Abdul tell them about famous Muslims from Islam's history. Rose and her friends apply the wisdom they learn from these stories to problems they face at school and home:

  • Islam's famous Woman Warrior removes doubts that arise when Rose learns about Christina's struggle with a family problem.
  • Camelia's story about the Kitten Man helps provide the solution needed for some unexpected arrivals.
  • Rose's anger over the intolerance directed towards Camelia is close to erupting into a PLAN that spells real trouble for the Hijab-Ez. Abdul's story about how Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) averted a war helps Rose devise a peaceful PLAN that results in justice for her best friend.
  • Rose has questions about the mother who left when she was a baby and family stories from the past help Rose in her search for answers.
  • Rose's curiosity about names results in a family discussion about the importance of a person's name and Grandpa surprises everyone when he relates a family story about his middle name.