Using Muslim Writers Publishing's Teacher Study Guides (TSG) will provide a valuable support to Islamic schools. Using TSGs and corresponding fiction novels in school Language Arts programs will provide a comprehensive cross-curricular resource that has been field-tested and approved by Muslim educators and administrators. Content in each TSG includes:

  • Key curriculum connections
  • Engaging Islamic integrated activities
  • Critical thinking and reading comprehension
  • Internet research and projects
  • Multicultural themes
  • Vocabulary and quizzes

Muslim Writers Publishing specializes in multicultural fiction that takes place in the U.S. and honors Islamic values. The books consciously avoid vulgar language, sexually explicit content, un-Islamic practices that are not identified as un-Islamic, and content that portrays Islam in a negative way, while creating non preachy, fresh, believable characters in real-life, modern situations. At times, the books reference historical events within Islam, or the Qur'an or the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh).

Take a sneak-peak at our Teacher Study Guides, by downloading a sample of each:


The Visitors TSG

An accompaniment for The Visitors

Download a sample of The Visitors TSG

Stories TSG

An accompaniment for Stories

Download a sample of Stories TSG

Hijab-Ez Friends TSG

An accompaniment for Hijab-Ez Friends

Downlaod a sample of Hijab-Ez Friends TSG

Muslim Teens TSG

An accompaniment to Muslim Teens in Pitfalls and Pranks

Download a sample of Muslim Teens TSG