Jamilah Kolocotronis
Paperback 5.5 x 8.5
360 Pages
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Book Description

Brad Adams appears to have it all. A devoted wife. Two intelligent sons. A large house in the suburbs. And a successful career.

But the death of his mother in a plane crash disturbs his tranquil existence. His brothers are able to mourn and get on with their lives, but Brad finds he cannot put his grief behind him. Instead he enters a world of panic and nightmares. A single incident of rage, brought on by the constant stress he is experiencing, destroys all he has worked so hard to build.

The pain of his failure leads him to a path of destruction which becomes an odyssey as he searches for the peace he has never known.

About the Author

When she was twelve years old, Jamilah Kolocotronis took her first long-distance family trip-a three week vacation to California, including a day at Disneyland. Two years ago she finally visited her fiftieth state-Vermont. She has always enjoyed traveling down the open road, looking for the next adventure.

Her published books include Islamic Jihad, Innocent People, and the first two books of the Echoes Series - Echoes and Rebounding.

Visit Jamilah's website at http://jamilahkolocotronis.writerswebpages.com.


"...These characters are so real, so human, that while I was reading Rebounding, they actually came to my minds as I was making du'aa for others!..."
Najiyah Umm Waheeb

"...Rebounding is a novel that teaches a lesson in healing, forgiveness and how to overcome tragedy through faith in Allah."
Kelly Izdihar Crosby

"...What makes the Echoes Series so compelling is the author's faithful portrayal of true life. ...it's nice to read Muslim fiction that isn't about perfect people doing perfect things, yet presents Islam accurately. With Jamilah Kolocotronis' books we can truly relate even if we haven't gone through the same things as Joshua. ...Jamilah Kolocotronis is a very talented writer who tells very realistic stories within an Islamic framework - something that American Islamic community has long awaited. We can only pray that she'll keep the Echoes Series going for years to come... (I pray for that too)"
Renee' Warner Syed

"...If you are looking for an intriguing, mind captivating, and stimulating book, Rebounding is definitely one for you. You will find yourself reading away and finishing the book before you know it. One last recommendation - for greater enjoyment, make sure to read the first book of the Echoes Series before you read this sequel."
Sima Sbelbayah